Also striking in this whole fiasco around Steve’s health is the response from the Apple faithful. Check out the comments on this blog for a representative sample. Criticize the PR operation at Apple, or Dear Leader himself, and the Apple faithful swarm out in droves to call you a traitor or worse. My email inbox has even worse stuff. Or check out blogs like this one which is called “i drank the kool-aid” (ahem) and which now has become devoted to bashing me.

Friends, I’m sorry, but you’re enablers. Steve Jobs behaves like a spoiled child and you not only tolerate it, you defend it. Apple PR is arrogant, rude, and then stumbles trying to handle a textbook PR situation — the kind of situation that occurs pretty regularly in the business world, and the reason that companies have PR departments in the first place — and you defend that too. You refuse to hold Apple to the same standards as every other company.

I’ll say this again. I admire Apple. I love its products. I have a house full of them. I love many of the people in the Mac community too.

I can even understand why Apple faithful overlook the shortcomings of a new Apple product, or look the other way when Apple produces a dud.

But it’s another thing to put up with being lied to and insulted. The reason Steve Jobs and Apple get away with this behavior is that nobody has ever held them accountable for their actions.