No kidding. I’m working at home today and the home phone just rang and it was Tay Zonday, the Chocolate Rain guy, whose voice totally sounds exactly like it does on that video. He goes, “This is Tay Zonday. You think I’m a one-hit wonder with some kind of gland problem, and I think you’re a demented hack who needs to get his nuts cut out. Could you spare a few minutes to talk to me?” Tay went on to say that he was a big fan of Fake Steve and wanted to offer some advice about how to manage my career, but he would only do it off the record. I said fine, what the hell. Now I can’t tell you what Tay said but I can tell you that nothing I heard on this call in any way contradicted the advice given to me by others who have said that since Steve insists he isn’t sick that I should just go back to kicking him in the nuts satirizing him. Also, a person with intimate knowledge of Tay Zonday’s career has pointed out to me that Tay’s advice could be invaluable since Tay has managed to get on Carson Daly, Jon Stewart and Jimmy Kimmel, and he’s also done an ad for Dr. Pepper. Also, I’ve been advised by a source who’s very familiar with Tay Zonday that if and when I do get onto any radio or television shows, I should move away from the mic to breathe.