Month of Microsoft

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Month of Microsoft: I am sending back the Windows Phones and Windows computers, but if you want my Xbox you will have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

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My final report about spending a month using Microsoft products went up on the Beast this morning. (You can read it here. Bottom line: Great products, some of which I will really miss. The Lenovo W520 powerhouse laptop is highly recommended as a desktop substitute. I really do not want to send it back. Windows 7 is stable and fast, but you knew that. Windows 8 is mind-blowing and is going to shine on tablets. I used it […]

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Month of Microsoft: Gmail v. Hotmail

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My good friend Barbara Darrow of GigaOm just posted an awesome rant about Gmail and other Google apps. (“Hey, new-and-improved Google, please fix your apps.”) This was prompted by a Marissa Mayer appearance where she said Larry Page is really focused on products and users, and really wants to streamline everything at Google. (Have you noticed lately, with Page’s one-year anniversary as CEO approaching, the way the people around him are out beating the drums about what a great […]

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Month of Microsoft: Xbox is great, please give us more of same

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Farhad Manjoo makes some really good points in this piece called “Apple Doesn’t Need to Make the TV of the Future” arguing that Xbox already does many of the things that people keep dreaming Apple might do with an Apple TV product sometime in the future. Things like voice commands and hand commands are already there with Xbox and Kinect, and if you haven’t used one yet, you should. It’s amazing. And yes, Microsoft has run ads about this, […]

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Month of Microsoft: Ouch, Rovio. That hurts.

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Rovio, maker of Angry Birds, tells Bloomberg it won’t create a version of Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone, because the platform is so tiny. “We want to be on all screens, but we have to consider the cost of supplying the smaller platforms,” a Rovio guy says. I don’t really give a crap about Angry Birds, but still: Ouch.

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Month of Microsoft: Intrigue on the Bing marketing team

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Who knew my month of using Microsoft products would bring a bit of a mystery with it? But that seems to be the case as just now Microsoft announced it had fired two members of the Bing marketing team “for violation of company policies related to mismanagement of company assets and vendor procurement.” As Business Insider points out, these dismissals come on the heels of another strange departure from the Bing team. A few weeks ago a Bing marketing […]

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Month of Microsoft: Good grief I miss Swype so much

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As part of this “Month of Microsoft” project I’ve been using two Windows Phone devices, a Nokia Lumia 800 (in this color) and an HTC Titan. Both awesome phones. One problem: they can’t run Swype, goddammit! Swype, FYI, is this amazing keyboard software that lets you type words just by dragging your finger over the letters in the word. You can learn about it here. I started using it when I got a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx […]

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Month of Microsoft: The Arc Touch Mouse

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I’m on Day Two of the “Month of Microsoft” and things are rocking along. The Lenovo W520 is now hooked to a 28-inch monitor that I had hanging around at the office, and I’m using a Bluetooth keyboard and Arc Touch mouse from Microsoft. On that last bit: I don’t usually get worked up about mice, and in fact on my iMacs I usually just used the plain […]