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Thoughts on G1 and Apple

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I’ll have a full story going up on Newsweek.com soon, but meanwhile something occurred to me today while I was watching the Webcast of the G1 phone from HTC and T-Mobile. It seems to me we’re seeing a replay of the PC wars from the 1980s, back when that market was small but growing very fast and there were loads of different vendors and different standards and everyone was constantly leapfrogging each other with new features and nobody really knew […]

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What's the best iPhone app?

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Just did a quick videocam intereview with a guy named Justin who has a show called TalkingheadTV and he was asking me which iPhone apps I like best. Um, well, uh, I had to admit that I’d only tried a few. Flashlight (stupid but it’s only a buck and possibly useful someday); Facebook, AIM, Tetris, WeatherBug, VoiceRecord. And that was it. Justin turned me on to Jott, SpeechCloud and SpeedDial. But this made me wonder. What are the best ones? […]

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iPhone vandal manages to score 3G iPhone

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Waiting in line two days for a new phone? Priceless.

Many thanks to eagle-eyed reader Christopher T. who spotted the photo above which shows one Danny Fukuba showing off his 3G iPhone after waiting in line for two days outside the Palo Alto store. Turns out this same kid was detained a while back for messing around with iPhones in an Apple store. At the time, this punk went crying […]

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Fake Steve buys an iPhone, gets no respect

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So I held off on the first iPhone and took loads of shit for it while I was doing Fake Steve. Example: I was giving a speech in LA and mentioned my BlackBerry, so during the Q&A some clever prick put up his hand and said, “I would like to know why is Steve Jobs using a BlackBerry and not an iPhone?” My response: “Because I got the BlackBerry from Forbes, for free, and I couldn’t see buying an iPhone […]