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What is going on with the Galaxy Nexus?

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Google and Verizon are driving me crazy on this, and apparently I’m not the only one. I’ve been using a Galaxy Nexus for a couple weeks now, and I’m hooked. Now I want the real thing, with LTE speed from Verizon. First the rumor was it had been pushed back to Dec. 8. Now the rumor is Dec. 11. Richi Jennings at Computerworld thought he had […]

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Eric Schmidt palling around with guy who pals around with terrorists

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Google boss says he’ll endorse Obama and hit the campaign trail this week. Just FYI, to all you cynics who think Schmidt must be looking for favors, like Net Neutrality or approval on the Yahoo deal or just a general free pass on monopolistic behavior — it ain’t that. Seriously. Eric just wants to do a solid for a guy he likes. That’s all there is. Move along, folks. […]

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Google bones an open source startup?

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That seems to be what the CEO of the startup is claiming here. This little company was about to raise some VC money but along came “one of the biggest non-evil Internet companies” asking if they’d like to be acquired instead. They said yes, and waited, and waited, and then the non-evil company changed its mind and walked away. And the startup couldn’t raise money because the VCs felt burned. Money quote: “Recommendation: always beware of wolves dressed as […]