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The culture of enablers

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Also striking in this whole fiasco around Steve’s health is the response from the Apple faithful. Check out the comments on this blog for a representative sample. Criticize the PR operation at Apple, or Dear Leader himself, and the Apple faithful swarm out in droves to call you a traitor or worse. My email inbox has even worse stuff. Or check out blogs like this one which is called “i drank the kool-aid” (ahem) and which now has become […]

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Imagine if any other CEO pulled bullshit like this

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Here’s an interesting experiment. Imagine what the reaction would be if a different CEO, one who isn’t worshipped as a man-god by a small but vocal portion of the world’s population, did what Steve Jobs just did to Joe Nocera. Imagine, for example, that instead of Steve Jobs we were talking about Steve Ballmer.

Imagine Ballmer appeared in public having lost an incredible amount of weight, looking seventy years old and about one hundred and twenty pounds. Imagine that Ballmer’s flacks at first […]

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BizWeek says Real Steve is fine and healthy

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See here. Arik Hesseldahl says he’s talked to a source close to Apple who says Real Steve is okay. This was in response to this article in the New York Post suggesting otherwise. I hope Arik is right.