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Steve Jobs not injured in bizarre bicycle accident

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Just called Steve Dowling to ask him about this photo that’s flying around the Interwebs which supposedly shows Steve Jobs in a bit of distress after flying over the handlebars of his bicycle. The story broke on CNN and then was picked up by Reuters, TechCrunch, Silicon Alley Insider, AllThingsD, VentureBeat, GigaOm and Valleywag. “It’s not true,” Dowling said. I said, which part isn’t true? The part about him falling […]

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Fake Steve also has not had a heart attack. Just in case you're wondering.

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Maybe you’ve heard about this already. CNN briefly ran a report this morning that Dear Leader suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. Katie Cotton says it’s not true. See the whole thing here. Apparently it was a citizen journalist site and it looks like they got punked. Or is it pwned? I can’t remember what the kids are saying these days. Suspicion is short-sellers doing this to tank the stock. Which they did. 

For the record, […]

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Dear Leader is hanging in

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Much love to former Art Director Jason for the photo work.