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The "Apple tax"

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The Borg has been going around making noise about the so-called “Apple tax” — ie the premium you pay for using a Mac instead of a Windows PC. Mac fanboys dispute the notion. My sense as a user is that there may indeed be an “Apple tax,” but who cares? My Macs and other Apple products may cost a little more but the difference is small enough that I don’t really notice it and certainly don’t mind it. I […]

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Much Ado About (Almost) Nothing

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My take on yesterday’s Apple event, for See here.

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The culture of enablers

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Also striking in this whole fiasco around Steve’s health is the response from the Apple faithful. Check out the comments on this blog for a representative sample. Criticize the PR operation at Apple, or Dear Leader himself, and the Apple faithful swarm out in droves to call you a traitor or worse. My email inbox has even worse stuff. Or check out blogs like this one which is called “i drank the kool-aid” (ahem) and which now has become […]

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BizWeek says Real Steve is fine and healthy

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See here. Arik Hesseldahl says he’s talked to a source close to Apple who says Real Steve is okay. This was in response to this article in the New York Post suggesting otherwise. I hope Arik is right.

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Fake Steve buys an iPhone, gets no respect

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So I held off on the first iPhone and took loads of shit for it while I was doing Fake Steve. Example: I was giving a speech in LA and mentioned my BlackBerry, so during the Q&A some clever prick put up his hand and said, “I would like to know why is Steve Jobs using a BlackBerry and not an iPhone?” My response: “Because I got the BlackBerry from Forbes, for free, and I couldn’t see buying an iPhone […]