Business Insider just published a list of the “50 Best Small Companies to Work For of 2017, According to Employees.” A bunch of the companies sent photos of their shiny, happy employees. As I scrolled through the photos, I started to notice something. It’s kind of a … pattern. See if you can spot it.

The #1 top company is Periscope Data, in San Francisco. These folks are having a blast! Woo-hoo!



Here’s #12, Branch Metrics, and they’re having a blast too!



Here’s #13, Civic Actions and OMG you guys:



Next up is #15, Cybereason, and they’re all … business.



Here is #16, BambooHR. They do HR!



In the #26 spot is RealSelf:



At #27 is Lullabot — they seem kind of low-energy.



The #35 company is OmegaFi. The name sounds like a frat. Guess what? They make software for running frats.



The #38 company is Cotopaxi, named after a mountain in South America.



Have you spotted the pattern? They’re all so … happy. Yeah, that’s it. They’re all so happy.

This is even more depressing than the statistics that Apple, Google and Facebook publish every year, showing that they have “made little progress.” New companies are starting fresh. They can avoid the monoculture mistake that previous companies have made. But based on these photos, some don’t seem to be trying.

The companies that end up on lists like this are often the pep-squad types who work really hard to get on lists like this. It’s free marketing. It helps them recruit. But mostly, they totally think that they’re totally awesome. They’re the best.

Presumably the photos you see above were provided by the companies themselves. Which means someone gathered up the whole gang, took a bunch of photos, chose the best one, and sent it along.

And no one ever noticed the blinding, overwhelming whiteness. Which kind of says it all.