I’m on Day Two of the “Month of Microsoft” and things are rocking along. The Lenovo W520 is now hooked to a 28-inch monitor that I had hanging around at the office, and I’m using a Bluetooth keyboard and Arc Touch mouse from Microsoft. On that last bit: I don’t usually get worked up about mice, and in fact on my iMacs I usually just used the plain old wired mouse that connects to the keyboard. But the Arc Touch is really nice. It’s a flexible slab of plastic that can lie flat or curve its back into a mouse shape. When you press it flat, it turns itself off. Hunch the back and it turns itself on. A lot of the people I met at Microsoft on Wednesday were carrying these with them to use with their laptops. And the designers there are pretty proud of it. It’s going to be put on display at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. You can see a video interview with one of the designers here. Who knew Microsoft had a product that wins accolades for great design? Not me. Well played, Borgbrains. Your sleek new mouse is making my work day a tiny bit nicer, and for this I thank you.