As part of this “Month of Microsoft” project I’ve been using two Windows Phone devices, a Nokia Lumia 800 (in this color) and an HTC Titan. Both awesome phones. One problem: they can’t run Swype, goddammit! Swype, FYI, is this amazing keyboard software that lets you type words just by dragging your finger over the letters in the word. You can learn about it here. I started using it when I got a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx a few months ago. (And by the way, I lurve the Razr Maxx and highly recommend it.) Swype takes maybe a day to get used to and then you’re hooked. I mean it’s can’t-live-without kind of stuff, the most addictive thing I’ve come across in ages. And — here’s the bad news — it only runs on Android.

Swype got acquired by Nuance a few months ago and now they’re merging the gesture stuff with Nuance’s voice technology. I checked in with Nuance and should get a briefing on this next week. Nuance is located here in Boston, so maybe I’ll visit in person instead of doing interviews over the phone. I’d prefer that, because when I meet the guy who invented Swype I want to hug him and never let go.

Also, I want to know: When can you get this stuff running on other platforms? I’m sure the people at Microsoft have looked at this technology. For all I know they’re already working on some kind of deal. Fingers crossed.