Portfolio magazine is to the media world what Sam Palmisano is to technology — you know they’re still out there, somewhere, if only because you’re pretty sure that if they’d gone out of business you’d have read something about it, yet you never seem to see Portfolio anywhere or hear about anything they’ve said or done lately. They’ve been publishing for a year and a half and the only buzz they’ve generated has to do with the huge turnover in their editorial staff, where hacks keep bailing because of the poisonous atmosphere.

Now it appears Portfolio.com is resorting to Onion-style satire, as with the above video where they interview Donald Trump’s developmentally disabled hellspawn and use it in a segment called “Moments of Brilliance.” Man, the power of the Conde Nast brand really draws the A-list business celebrities, doesn’t it? Who’s next to share a “moment of brilliance”? Ed Zander? MC Hammer? Yeah. Great job cracking that lucrative business magazine space, Conde Nast. You cats are on fire. No seriously. I mean it.