“Problems abounded,” and “the Web site was sluggish,” and on and on and on, plus 13 uses of I, me, my or mine this week. See the whole angry GoatScreed here. Money quote: “In my tests, using two Macs, two Dell computers and two iPhones, I ran into problem after problem.” If only Apple had brought Walt in early on the design and conception of MobileMe, and let him have some say in how the system was set up, well, this whole ugly mess might have been avoided. For what it’s worth, Walt was also a bit lukewarm on the new 3G iPhone too. Not sure how this happened. Perhaps someone at Apple had the wrong kind of bottled water on hand for Walt’s last visit? Or they missed a spot while licking his shoes? Who knows. Anyway, note to Apple PR: Someone needs to reach out to Walt and mend fences, fast, before this gets out of hand.