From a reader:

Please return to mercilessly lampooning Jonathan Schwartz. You have a strong following inside of Sun. We don’t like MLP, either. No one believes this guy has the right strategy. Unfortunately, he has the Board buffaloed…has them convinced we merely have execution issues. If we execute his strategy more effectively (devalue any remaining IP by giving it all away for free), we’ll merely dig the hole faster.

Where is Carl Icahn when you need him, and why is he messing around with Yahoo? There’s more greenmail money to be made here. And why isn’t Henry Kravis taking his carving knife to MLP? His investment in Sun has been halved.

Glad to hear that people at Sun actually read this stuff, and I just want to say this: You poor suffering bastards, I feel your pain. The ship is being tossed to and fro, the captain is a madman, and you’re down in the hold, hanging on for dear life. Keep those cards and letters coming, Sun insiders. We’ll do our best to publicize your woes. 

If it’s any consolation, there’s been talk lately about Schwartz getting the boot (eg here) though I can’t imagine who would take his place. But Sun’s stock is at $10, and the chart for the past five years is dismal to behold. Like Dell, Sun is suffering not because of its execution problems (though they are many) but because its business model is frigtarded. Sun is the last vertically integrated computer company, making its own chips, its own operating system, and computers that run from low end to high end. That’s a washed-up model, overly expensive and incredibly inefficient. Worse yet, now Sun is trying to subsidize this bloated model with a low-margin (no margin?) open-source software business. Imagine Red Hat with a huge dumb inefficient hardware business tied around its neck, and you’ve got Sun.