I’ve been on the road a lot lately giving speeches. In late February I went to Squaw Valley and spoke at the Open Source Leadership Forum, more or less about “Disrupted” but also on the new economy business model — “grow fast, lose money, go public, cash out” — and the implications that has for society. Yesterday I was in Orlando talking to AIIM about my book but also about startups and personal reinvention.

Between those two was one I was nervous about but really wanted to do — a talk last Friday, March 10, at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas, about “Ending Bro Culture in Startup Land.” (See photo above.) The talk was well-received and got written up in The Austin American Statesman, the Dallas News, The Next Web, Silicon Hills News, LightReading. People seem to find this topic interesting. I’m hoping to talk about it more in the future. My basic argument is that bro culture exists to serve a business model, and that if we’re going to fix bro culture, we first need to fix the business model.